Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Harvee Lives!

I saw Harvee run for the first time tonight!    I can only speculate how long it has been since the engine ran but I would say 2-3 years.   I did not get any keys with the vehicle.  As I said this was an abandoned vehicle and Jack, the guy I bought it from never tried to start it.  He bought it at a Sheriffs auction, brought it home and realised he wanted to find someone a bit crasier than him to fix it up. 
Anyway, keys, battery, check oil, re-route fuel to a clean can...  and it did nothing!  Turns out the neutural start switch was bad.  $15 Auto Value and give it another try.  Fired right up! 
I didn't let it run long.  Just enough to see oil pressure come up and hear it run.  Sounded good, no smoke.  Just mouse nests and the decon I had put inside the interior coming out of the tailpipe!  Why would they carry it out of the interior and into the tail pipe?   Formerly very busy, dead mice.

I am satisfied now to move forward.  I first have some things I need to do around the house  Then, I will tackle the cockpit floor rebuild.  It is raised about 14 inches from the rest of the floor.  It is tubelular and angle steel structure, sheet metal (for fire wall) then covered with plywood and carpet.  It is all rotten.  I knew this going in to the project.  In fact the first time I looked at this bus I saw this and walked away.   A full month later I went back with my friend Dale and we took a peek inside the engine with his borescope and determined that it looked like the cylinders were not worn bad and the valves were not burnt or highly carboned.  I had a decision to make.  Talked it over with my wonderful Wife and she did not try to talk me out of it.  So I went back and bought it.  I don't think I will regret it, and I hope she doesn't either.
So I may not post for a while but the next post and pictures will get quite interesting.


  1. Okay; I'm hooked. Thanks for the phone call this afternoon alerting me to the blog (and just checking up on me). I will be an avid follower and enjoy watching the progress. I may even drive out to Marne during the day sometime when you're working and plant a couple of rubber mice inside Harvee (oh wait; I just gave it away, didn't I? Oh well.


  2. The "hubs" and I are just starting a rehab of a '72 Travco 270. We have encountered a serious wheel/tire issue. We need to replace dry rotted rear dual tires but have found split rims. It looks like the previous owners already replaced the fronts with reg.rims and upped the size to 19.5. I am under the impression that you can't up the size int the rear because the dual tires will touch. Just wondering what you've encountered and if you have any ideas for me. Thanks! Love what you've done with Harvee!

  3. The wheels you have on the front will work on the back also. Several motorhome builders used the Budd 19.5 5lug wheels. Do searches for Dodge motorhome wheels. That is how I found mine. They came off a 75 Winnebago

  4. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again...

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