Monday, July 23, 2012

Turning a major corner

It was 104 deg.!  This guy earned his paycheck!

The view of the sanblasting through the tailight hole!
With the Floorplan design laid out and most of the structural welding done it was time to sandblast the frame and get busy on the reassembly!

The motor has gone back in
View of the holding tank locations.  Shower will be a 4 inch step down.  The brown stripes are just colors from a donor piece of fibergalss that I used as a bonding sheet.  Circle in the middle is the spare tire mount.
Moved the door rearward to accomodate floorplan

One major design change that I wanted to accomplish was eliminating the back window and mounting the spare "continental" style.  The custom hub cap has not been polished yet. 

Things should start comming together now.  I have all new brake parts and backing plates are built up and ready to go in.  All new exhaust.  Gastank is reconditioned.  Chassis will be finished and floor back in this year.  Then, on to the Windows, Electrical, Insulation, exterior finishwork.   Paint will be last.  I intend on Dove Grey as the major body color with traditional secondary stripeing of a maroon.  I will probably offend the travco purists.  But the ugly "hood" will be gone.  Not exactly sure what I am going to do yet but I am leaning toward a "Retro Redneck Truckdriver" look.

If you would likke to see something in particual about this project just ask, I will try to add it as I go.