Sunday, September 22, 2013

Completion of Chassis

Most of you probably are wondering what has been happening with Harvee D.  I have been lax on my blog updates, sorry about that.  I find it difficult to take pics and post about things that are half done or on things that might change.  Like the door for instance!

A view of the left from wheel well showing steering and brake system

At this point the chassis is complete.  Drive line is original Dodge with upgrades!  All new brakes, the only thing not new is the rear shoes which were relined.  Everything else came from Alretta truck parts.  Originally I was considering upgrading the brake system to disk and eliminating the hydro vacs.  However, I have to admitt I am not an Engineer and could not make myself feel comfortable with it.  Plus, all my drums were in excellent shape so the decision was made to stick with the bendix twin plex system!
The wheels are now 19.5 single piece rim. (ebay)  with new Hankook 19.5-8R tires. You can see a picture of one on an earlier post.                
I Have done an extensive amount of structural changes on Harvee.   There are now four lower storage compartments which will open hinging up instead of down.  If you look closely at this picture you will see along the lower sides is all new 1.5 inch square tubing with a lip for the floor to mount to.  In the rear there is a schedule 40 steel pipe and plates bonded to the fiberglass at the body line.   This in turn is welded to the extended structure in the rear.  Originally it is just the wood floor with fiberglass strips glued to the sides.  The angle steel is for the bed and underbed storage.  (potable water, pump, Etc.)

65 Gal. fuel tank with in tank sump and fuel pump

You can see the structure in the picture to the right.  There is an I-beam added through the frame at the factory extension. 

This Travco had no support but the floor in the rear.

  I know this will add weight but I am lightening the interior considerably. 

 Should be good.  This was a rear bath unit and had lots of weight back there.
You can see the Gen. floor supports and structure also.  This was lightened quite a bit but made stronger by incorporating it into the "box"

Drivers floor and front inner structure

This picture shows the same structural treatment I did in the rear.  schedule  40,  3/4 pipe with weld plates bonded around body line and incorporated into the dog house and the original Bones  This should make a much stronger "unit"
New hood with old hood bonded closed
I am building this coach as a traveler.  Therefore my number one consideration in my decision to modernize my 413 with a EFI system was dependability.  I chose Mass Flow EFI because it is a simple plug and play system.  It uses a ECM from a Ford 5 litre which is programmed for my 413.  The system is complete fuel, Ignition and controls.
Mass Flo EFI showing MAF, fuel rails& Mallory ignition
ECM, relays and fuses.  Will mount under pass. seat
Ok, now just a bit more tidying up.  Finish tailpipe and tie up lines, then it is time to put the floor back in. This is my goal before snow flies!   
I hope you did not loose hope in this project. I sometimes do!  This Blog helps me to remember how far it has come! 
Please feel free to ask questions.  If you would like to see detailed photos I have lots to show!


  1. I think going EFI is a great idea, I've added you to my watch list and hope to see more from you in the future.

  2. It's perfect to see a project come together! It's nice to see that you were able to secure parts for your '72 Travco. Was it hard looking for them? Truck parts can be tricky as one may fit in one year's model, but won't fit for the next year's, so you were fortunate that you were able to find some! Good luck on your restoration!
    Shaun Stille @

  3. Are you using the original 427 transmission (WHICH HAS NO OVERDRIVE) or have you changed that--I have had great success with the (GEAR VENDORS UNITS) in my Class C Ford Chassis and my Class A GM chassis neither had overdrives--This is a great ad on unit!

  4. Mike, would you mind if I picked your brains about the Travco rebuild? I am planning to restore/modernize a 1974 220, beginning this Christmas. I am OK with hand tools and mechanical stuff. If you published any notes, journals, or other pictures, I would be very appreciative of your sharing them.



    1. Harry, Sorry about the slow response. You can contact me here or email me at I'd be happy to try and help

  5. How's this coming along? Would love to see some updated pics

  6. Yes sir, i would like some updates too. Most likely picking up a 73 myself. Found this while researching.